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How to use


Using the Dish-Flip is easy! Everybody can do it.

Below you can find some guidelines to help you get the best out of it.

Place your dishes

Place your dishes in a way that you can install the Dish-Flip for maximal restraint. 

Install the Dish-Flip

Pressure and grip are important!

Make sure you push the Dish-Flip down until you feel a slight resistance on the pin. If needed, you can place the Dish-Flip upside down for very small or flat light dishes.

Remove the dishes

Lift and turn the Dish-Flip or change pins for swift removal of the dishes. You can easily leave the Dish-Flips in the basket for your next dish wash.


Unused Dish-Flips may not be left behind in the dishwasher as a loose item.

Unused Dish-Flips must be fixed on a pin or stowed away outside the dishwasher.